ORIGIN – How Did It Begin

In 1974 two Christians from Hong Kong went to the Chinese refugee village in the North of Thailand as short-term missionaries. They were compelled by their vision and committed themselves to become long-term missionaries. In 1975 a non-denomination missionary organisation called Chinese Evangelistic Mission (CEM) was established.


| Dr. John Pao | Rev. Edward Chow |

| Rev. Paul Kuo | Rev. Calvin Chu |

ABOUT US – Knowing Us

We (CEM) endeavour to accomplish the Great Commission of Christ by bringing the gospel to the
- unreached groups through the strategies of evangelism,
- church planting,
- discipleship making and
- serving the communities.

We focus on sending missionaries to gospel unheard lands. Through evangelizing, churches planting and disciple making, we aim to establish independent mature churches.
Our co-workers are encumbered by missionary burden. They are willing to make their commitment to the Chinese missionary movement partnering with Chinese churches to carry out the Great Commission.
We would like to work in accord with all denominations and independent churches to evangelize and plant churches, without establishing our own.

Panama and Central and South America
South Africa and Lesotho
Missionary Group
Northern Thailand

The CEM expenditures include missionaries living expenses, missionary field expenses, administration and office expenses. All these expenses rely on the donations from God’s people. Through their prayers and donations, the Lord God provides for all our needs.

Please make cheque payable to or simply deposit amount to:

Account Name: CEM Australia Incorporated
Account Number: 032-090 946 030
Bank Name and address: Westpac Banking Corporation, Chatswood, NSW 2067, Australia

If receipt is required, please contact us.

CEM is registered in Hong Kong, America, Canada and Australia. It is a non-profitable religious organisation aiming for missionary ministry. Their vision is for CEM to expand into a multicultural development being one commission that reaches different regions.
“ We work together to accomplish the Great Commission.”

CEM uses the following missionary modes to accomplish the Great Commission: 

Career Missionary: committed in evangelism, churches planting, establishing churches, discipleship. 

Part-time missionary: Through their profession, they expand the ministry of evangelical training. 

Mobile Missionary: Evangelising, training, building up the Christian Community. 

Support Missionary: Assist career missionaries including of administration, finance, computers, transportation etc. in providing support and relief to the missionaries in the fields. 

Medical Missionary: Organise missionary team involving medical ministry. 

Short-term Missionary: Commit to serve for 1 to 2 years and in partnership with the career missionaries depending on their abilities. 

Missionary Practice: Theological students on holiday or students after graduation one year are suitable for this task. They will learn and work alongside career missionaries. 

1. We believe God is three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A trinitarian God. 

2. We believe God is Creator and Redeemer, the ultimate Judge and Sovereign Lord. He reveals all Truth. 

3. We believe the Bible is breathed by God and is trustworthy. Its infallible teaching is the supreme authority in Christian faith and life. 

4. We believe that all humans are made in the image of God. After Adam sinned against God, sin and death entered the world, it is not death of the body but the soul. As a result all humans are alienated from God and bound to the evil, waiting for the judgement from God. 

5. Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of Virgin Mary. He became flesh and dwelt among us. He is a perfect God and man saving all those who believe in Him. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. All who believe in Him will be saved and justified by His blood and become children of God. 

6. Jesus Christ died and was buried. He was risen from the dead on the third day, ascending to heaven after 40 days. Now He is sitting at the right hand of God. He is the mediator between God and man and will return to judge the world. 

7. The Holy Spirit helps believers to be born again and dwells and works in the hearts of the believers. 

8. Sinners are justified by God’s grace and by faith. They are given eternal life by the Lord Jesus Christ not because of their works. 

9. There is only one church of God which is the body of Christ inclusive of all born again believers.

Missionaries and Fields

Southeast Asia :

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| Cambodia |

East Asia :

| Taiwan | Macao | Hong Kong |

| Hong Kong Minority |

South Asia :

| Sri Lanka |

Central Asia :

| Kyrgyzstan |

Africa :

| South Africa and Lesotho |

| Ethiopia |

Europe :

| Germany |

Central and South America :

| Panama |

Other :

| Creative Access Nations |

| Mobile Missionaries |

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Contact Us

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Westpac Banking Corporation,
Chatswood, NSW 2067, Australia


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